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When a case of mistaken identity thrusts homeless street poet America Morrison into the world of a Nobel laureate, the heat of the spotlight threatens her freedom and her desire to hide from her past, forcing her to come to terms with that past, herself, and her talent.
* Second-Round selection, Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

MUTI  (also titled AN IMPOSSIBLY FINE LINE and produced and released as THE RITUAL KILLER in 2023)

In a story inspired by actual events, an aging homicide detective is drawn into the murderous ritualistic world of Muti, and the deeper he goes, the more he finds his own line between sanity and madness beginning to blur.
* 2-Time Top 10% and Semi-Finalist in the Nicholl Fellowships Competition
* Semi-Finalist, Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition
* Optioned to Black Diamond Films, June 2018
 * Re-Optioned to Black Diamond Films, June 2019
 * Produced and released in 2023, starring Morgan Freeman and Cole Hauser 


A young homicide detective with an extraordinary artistic talent has hidden his abilities from his colleagues and his Irish, by-the-book, police captain father for fear of appearing less the man they expect him to be. But his two worlds collide when a series of deadly home invasions brings him face to face with the beautiful daughter of a murdered art gallery owner who discovers his secret.
* Winner, Marco Island Screenwriting Competition
* 2nd Place, American Screenwriting Competition
* Finalist, Benderspink/Final Draft Big Break Competition
* Semi-Finalist, Project Greenlight 1 & 2
* Semi-Finalist, Carl Sautter Competition


While grieving on the night of the fiftieth anniversary of her long-lost love’s death, a rich, elderly woman is confronted by a young man claiming to be the reincarnation of her dead lover.
Semi-Finalist, Screencraft Film Fund Competition
* Semi-Finalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards
* Semi-Finalist, Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards


When a single mom classical violinist trying to make First Chair with the Philadelphia Orchestra and an aging rock and roll god living out his glory surrounded by rabid fans and groupies are each sold the same estate by swindlers, they stake their respective claims by moving into the home at the same time, bringing new meaning to the phrase “Roll Over, Beethoven.”
*Optioned to IdeaBlizzard Productions, October, 2019, though unproduced. Rights have reverted to Bob.


A three-hundred-million-dollar lottery ticket and a little girl whose mother has been murdered force a recovering gambling addict with a shady past who has found refuge as the priest of a small Catholic church into playing for the highest stakes of his life when a vicious crime czar and a crooked archbishop try to close his parish to make room for a new casino.


In a modern take on the age-old Midas fable, George Arner hasn’t caught a break in years – at home, at work, with his family, his friends, and even his dog – until today, when he awakens to find that absolutely nothing can go wrong for him….everything is perfect in every way, every moment, moment to moment. But George soon learns that if everything is perfect, nothing seems to be, leaving him desperate to find a way back to his less-than-perfect life.
* Shopping Agreement signed with Voyage Media, January, 2020


The same night a pragmatic, self-absorbed TV reporter is handed a career-making story, the touch of an unknown woman's hand on the street throws his life into utter and surreal chaos.
 2-Time 2nd Place, Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition 


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